Dec. 19, 2022

It's Eli's Holiday Special, We're All Just Living In It

It's Eli's Holiday Special, We're All Just Living In It
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Welcome to the Third Annual Podcast Holiday Crossover Special! The podcast gang adds a new duo to the insanity of the holidays this year. We have Super Bracket Bros, Your Friendly Neighborhood Gamers, Game of Groans and The Wait for It Podcast all joining together to bring holiday cheer from the Super Bracket Bros Universe. 

This year, the gang decides to make it simple and create a bracket to figure out the best holiday tradition/activity of all time. Should be simple, right? We find out people’s strong opinions on gift wrap, fun and weird family traditions and that Eli’s dad is Santa Claus. And despite it all, we do ultimately decide on a winner.

If you enjoy this episode, let us know! And please check out all the podcasts represented on this episode! Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Super Bracket Bros


Game of Groans


Your Friendly Neighborhood Gamers


The Wait for It Podcast

Eliah StokesProfile Photo

Eliah Stokes

Co-Host of Super Bracket Bros

Kate KoballaProfile Photo

Kate Koballa

Casual academic / cosplayer / amateur creative

Kate is the freeloading cohost of "Game of Groans", her sister Emily Bateman's "Game of Thrones" watch-through podcast. She studied English and wrote her Master's thesis on "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies". She has written conference papers on various nerdy subjects, notably about "Fallout 4", one of the franchises nearest and dearest to her heart. She is a gamer, cosplayer, D&D player, singer, writer, and movie/television fan (none of them professionally). Her favorite game franchises are "Legend of Zelda" and "Fallout", but she also loves Pokemon, mutiplayer Mario shenanigans, and she recently played "Bioshock" 20 years after everyone else.

The Wait For It PodcastProfile Photo

The Wait For It Podcast


Hosted by MrEricAlmighty and PhilTheFilipino, the guys discuss all things in Pop Culture from movies, gaming, anime, conspiracy theories, and almost anything in between. New episodes every Monday and Wednesday, all you have to WAIT FOR IT!

Emily BatemanProfile Photo

Emily Bateman

Podcaster / Bookworm / Geek / Mother of one dragon

Creator, editor and host of the Game of Groans podcast. UNC Chapel Hill grad with a degree in English Literature. Living in Japan while podcasting and mom-ing.

Jay DavisProfile Photo

Jay Davis


The host of Super Bracket Bros and Ultimate Sports Mashup, Jay has been podcasting since 2019 about the hypotheticals we all ask ourselves: Who would win between Spider-Man and Elsa? Who would win between the Bad Boy Pistons and the Splash Bros Warriors? The important questions. With this level of geekery comes a deep appreciation for the interactive entertainment medium. He's a lifelong gamer who enjoys strategy games, immersive RPGs, and the occasional roguelike.