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Great Stuff

It’s always cool to hear Andrew and Dylan’s perspectives. This is a great show!


Really great show, awesome chemistry between the hosts and just really enjoyable to listen to as a gamer

Great Conversations

This is a treat for anyone who enjoys gaming podcasts! Both Andrew and Dylan are great conversationalists who have a true skill when it comes to interviewing guests. They discuss a variety of games and I always seem to agree with their takes if it's a game I'm familiar with. I can't wait to hear more!

A show for gamers of all types

Andrew and Dylan are kind, knowledgeable hosts and I’m really enjoying this show. It’s a great look at games from the average player’s perspective. I enjoy the interviews with a diverse cast of guests and the gaming deep dives as well!

I love this podcast!

But I may be slightly biased…

Great new podcast

Andrew and Dylan have great laid back chemistry, and it feels like you are talking to two friends about video games. It’s easy to listen to and very entertaining, and you might even learn about a new video game or two to try. Their interviewing skills are excellent and they don’t step on each other’s toes while speaking to a guest. I was so excited about the launch and can’t wait to hear more!