Feb. 13, 2023

The Meetup at Podfest 2023

The Meetup at Podfest 2023

Your Friendly Neighborhood Gamers, Super Bracket Bros, and The Wait For It Podcast all went to Podfest 2023 in Orlando Florida and hung out for a weekend! Listen to the casual episode that was recorded in person to get a taste of what this fun weekend was like!

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Jay Davis


The host of Super Bracket Bros and Ultimate Sports Mashup, Jay has been podcasting since 2019 about the hypotheticals we all ask ourselves: Who would win between Spider-Man and Elsa? Who would win between the Bad Boy Pistons and the Splash Bros Warriors? The important questions. With this level of geekery comes a deep appreciation for the interactive entertainment medium. He's a lifelong gamer who enjoys strategy games, immersive RPGs, and the occasional roguelike.

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The Wait For It Podcast


Hosted by MrEricAlmighty and PhilTheFilipino, the guys discuss all things in Pop Culture from movies, gaming, anime, conspiracy theories, and almost anything in between. New episodes every Monday and Wednesday, all you have to do.....is WAIT FOR IT!